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Strong tactics by US will not solve problems


The United States' capricious way of policymaking and holding "big sticks" for negotiations will do no good in solving problems and China has to take strong countermeasures, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday.

Gao Feng, spokesman of the ministry, said the two sides had achieved positive outcome in agriculture and energy sectors during previous talks in both Washington in May and in Beijing early this month.  

"The two sides once agreed to have another round of talk on manufacturing and service sectors and hold a detailed discussion on the structural issue in the following days," Gao said. "However, we are deeply sorry that the US has been acting unpredictably with its policymaking and has triggered a trade war."

Gao said the outcome from the previous talks had been positive and productive, but China had to respond in a strong manner because the US government was being unpredictable and challenging.

"The US is accustomed to negotiating with others while holding 'big sticks'," Gao added. " But it does not work for China, and such irrational behavior will do no good in solving any issue."

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