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Building Material

We have full experience about building material including fasteners and structural steel products.

For Fasteners:

Our Fasteners Products are in conformity with GB,ISO,DIN,ANSI,BS standard etc, incl. High quality Bolts, Nuts, Threaded rods, Screws and Non-standard Parts etc., The products sell well across China and exported to Singapore, Europe, Australia, New Zeland, North America, South America, East South Asia, Africa etc. and well known in fasteners fields due to huge capacity, superior quality, full specifications, good price and exact delivery time.

For Structural Steel:

Our Structuctural Steel with fixed great suppliers are our great products. Until now we already exported to the different counties such as Singapore, American,Mexico,Saudi Araba and Korean etc with the projects  Supermarkets, flour mills, factories etc. the Building material you can choose HDG H beam,C channel,Square pipe,I beam,Coils,etc.


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