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  • Sourcing International Holding(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd.
  • Contact person: Ashley Wei
  • ashley.wei@sourcingintl.biz
  • 0086-519-81232393
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  • 1003 #5, Media Center, Xinbei District, Changzhou, China 213022
Service Promise


Sourcing International Holding(Changzhou)C., Ltd, we aim at providing QUALITY. Close liaisons with manufacturers to ensure quality in all products is seen as essential to provide reliability to customers.

We guarantee that all products sold are of the highest quality. Self-imported products will be accompanied by material certifications from our various accredited manufacturers.

Passion for Service

Inspired and motivated by our customers successes, we are committed towards excellence to help us stay connected to customer's needs. 

We continually seek upgrading in the following areas

• excellent customer support and service

• comprehensive stock support

• efficient delivery service

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